Now (older, indoor malls) compete with power centers, strip centers, lifestyle centers, big boxes, Internet shopping, catalog shopping, home shopping.

They have to be very chameleon-like and have to adapt to their environment.

There's no doubt that malls find themselves with increasing competition. They definitely have to distinguish and diversify themselves to keep consumers coming back — because they have a multitude of choices.

The season followed some patterns that are typical. We're seeing the week after Christmas playing a much larger role in the overall holiday shopping season.

I think that the retailers recognize that it's going to be a pretty good season.

You can have all the intentions in the world, but do you actually follow through?

Retailers (now) want to be very visible from the roads they don't want (their customers) to have to traverse the mall to get there.

What they really hope is that the weather cooperates, that the consumer gets out early and shops, and they [retailers] don't have to wait ... and mark down some of their goods to move sales.

They're finding themselves in competition on all fronts.