"Philip Jennings" may refer to:

* Philip Jennings (The Americans), fictional character in the 2010s American television drama series The Americans

* Philip Jennings (Queenborough MP) (c1679–1740), English lawyer and politician, MP for Queenborough 1715–22

* Sir Philip Jennings-Clerke, 1st Baronet (c1722-January 1788), known as Philip Jennings until the 1760s, MP for Totnes 1768–88

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Our message is that unions are adapting to a borderless world.

We reject the Wal-Mart way and, at Chicago, UNI will be imagining a better future for working people everywhere. We will work with the UFCW and those unions already established in Wal-Mart in Europe and elsewhere to stop a damaging race to the bottom.