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If you're not actively involved in getting what you want, you don't really want it.

Peter McWilliams

You can't go out and actively recruit when you have a credibility issue.

Rob Roy

We don't have a candidate as yet. We're obviously actively recruiting and are confident that we will have a candidate.

John Cattelan

We know exactly who he is and where he lives and we are actively investigating and looking for him.

Sean Whitcomb

We are actively negotiating. I think we will come to a resolution.

Shannon Larocque

We did not actively search them (the DOJ) out; they approached us.

Dan Neary

It's the one thing I actively don't like: just being recognized.

Ricky Gervais

We will not actively pursue a US acquisition, and that is a significant change from where we were before.

Leonard Asper

The market is not in the mode of actively buying the dollar.

Keizo Tanaka

We are actively pursuing high-quality players.

Russell Gray

We're actively lobbying for the bill. We're down there every day.

Lou Gellos

We actively coordinate with all other federal agencies.

Bryan Lee

It's getting people actively talking about the legislation.

Brad Heavner

Be indifferent, if not actively hostile, to conservative values.

Robert H. Bork

We're actively investigating and following up on some suspicious leads.

Jeff Taylor

We are actively recruiting the best candidates we can.

Sarah Feinberg

Pfc. England was very actively involved in what was going on.

Chuck Neill

We continue to actively evaluate whether to join the protocol.

Andrea Slattery

These proceedings will be vigorously and actively pursued.

Graham Shear

We are not actively looking at acquisitions right now.

Charlie Denson

We're actively working to get where we want to be.

Owen Coyle

We will work actively to preserve that money in the budget.

Larry Dickenson