It is early, but we're an aggressive committee. It's going to take an aggressive effort to unseat Pombo and that's what we're working toward. We think Congressman Pombo has made himself vulnerable on the issues.

I think the 10th District (of North Carolina) sent him to Washington to work for them, not Tom DeLay or Karl Rove.

We certainly believe that Congressman Taylor is vulnerable.

We've been talking for months about the culture of corruption in Washington. When the Republican leadership is completely consumed with defending itself from ethics scandals, then the work of the people does not get done.

His decision is his, and we wish him all the best.

We've absolutely called it a top-tier race.

We are actively recruiting the best candidates we can.

The Republican ROMP program is a group of Republican incumbents they believe to be the most vulnerable. Changing the rules halfway through is a lame way to explain their fundraising problems.