We know exactly who he is and where he lives and we are actively investigating and looking for him.

We don't expect there to be problems, but should problems arise, we'll have the staffing to deal with it.

He fired one shot in the air and then ran away.

We recommend people not buy tickets this way. There's no guarantee they are not counterfeit. Until they're scanned, you don't know if you have a valid ticket.

We're not looking to give people a hard time, but we do ask people to exercise some common courtesy and respect for the beauty of the city.

There will be adequate staffing in place when we beat the Carolina Panthers.

We treat this as Mardi Gras weekend because there are a lot of celebrations occurring prior to Fat Tuesday.

Any time you have a firearm being discharged in close proximity to a school, it's cause for great concern.

It's not nearly as exciting as it was reported. The kid showed up, waved a gun and fired a shot in the air.