Bryan Lee
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"Bryan Lee" is an United States/American blues guitarist and singer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also known by the nickname braille blues daddy and has been a fixture on Bourbon Street since the 1980s.

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It?s going to be a fact-driven exercise, and we are still in the process of gathering facts.

The commission is still examining the issues. I can't talk about the deliberations that are going on.

Many of our clients receiving a buyout package have broken down and cried in our office, either from anger or joy. Emotionally, people need someone to turn to so they can get everything out, if not a financial planner, then their spouse or friends.

We actively coordinate with all other federal agencies.

The proceeding has been suspended. It's not at all unusual for the commission to suspend a proceeding with a prospect of a settlement.

They're all similar contract cases that are remaining now.

The commission does not look at applications in isolation.

The industry is on notice that we are actively monitoring the market and now have meaningful tools to respond if someone tries to repeat the bad behavior of 2000 and 2001.

Restaurants provide a good image for a city. We're a hub city. People judge us on our restaurants.