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She implied that it would be a couple of months ... before the accounts would be freed up.

Julie Dungan Robinson

Some of our retail accounts say it's sold faster than any bat they've ever had.

Rick Redman

Naturally it will be the smaller [named accounts] that are cut.

James Hanley

From eyewitness accounts it appears that it was a suicide attack.

Riffat Pasha

He's very forthcoming about closed accounts, but not so much about current assets.

Tim Dillon

By all accounts, it's a tragic situation.

John Rekowski

It's now focused on the profitability of accounts instead of the number of accounts.

Jeffery Harte

The only thing more unpopular than private accounts was benefit cuts.

Brad Woodhouse

I think we are all aware that some accounts have a deficient balance.

Bill Cole

The methodology they used accounts for the low numbers. It's not the will of the people.

Armando Villareal

The accounts are audited, so this lawsuit is baseless and unnecessary.

Tom Andrews

We've got 26 Wal-Mart divisions in the South. We've just about got all the accounts with Wal-Mart.

Gary Tucker

If such accounts are really found, then they will be confiscated.

Gunter Pleuger

All of the appropriations are on hold until we get all of the accounts looked at.

Dave Ferguson

It looks strong on almost all accounts.

Karri Rinta

By all accounts, he was a likeable guy.

Barry Hazen

They're a wide-open invitation to fraudulent access of your accounts.

Howard Strong

Everything I know about her is from what my dad has told me - it is not a lot. From all accounts though, she was incredible.

Lauren Bell