The only thing more unpopular than private accounts was benefit cuts.

He stuck his head out the door and asked who we were. It was quite funny. To his credit he didn't just ignore us or the passersby who eventually stopped to ask him questions.

A cordial exchange for the most part.

Senator Santorum's remarks are divisive, hurtful and reckless and are completely out of bounds for someone who is supposed to be a leader in the United States Senate.

There is a high probability that some legal action will be pursued. Perhaps a temporary restraining order to stop the implementation and then broader legal action after that.

The Senate seat in Illinois could very well become the Democrats to lose.

It is a gimmick, a vehicle to keep alive a plan that has fallen flat with the American public. They are searching for any vehicle, any bill, anything that can keep their hopes to privatize Social Security alive.

Our effort is to change the Medicare drug law. If this campaign had the effect of changing the political environment and that's what is required ... that would be fine with us. But we're not an organization that is principally, or is at all, about electoral campaigns.

Not once did we discuss that we'd have to fight the Social Security battle all over again.