It is very urgent to take a decision on these matters, ... Our primary concern is to help the (Iraqi) people who are suffering even more than before because of military action.

He will be one of the key players because the United States is the largest contributor and a great power in the Security Council, ... There are conflicting views on nearly every issue that is on our plate for the reform, and the largest player in the U.N., of course, plays a key role.

If such accounts are really found, then they will be confiscated.

We still do not know where the money is parked.

We won't make the problem go away just by waiting. Action is needed and action there will be.

I think this is a time when it is make or break as far as the future relevance of the United Nations is concerned.

We missed a clear signal that transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis will be accelerated, ... The role of the United Nations, in particular of the secretary-general, could have been strengthened even more.

A shorter, more political text.

In this resolution, we have left behind the divisions of the past for the sake of the people of Iraq.