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We'd like to see someone accountable for this.

Linda Bush

We need someone who would represent all the voters. Someone who would be accountable to them.

Ralph Coyle

Now that it's out there in the public, (professors) have to be accountable to their customers.

Michael Hussey

This conviction demonstrates that traitors can and will be held accountable.

Paul Mcnulty

I will never forget that I work for you and I am accountable to you.

Bob Levy

We ask that you hold him accountable.

Paul Walton

Hold people accountable for implementing those standards.

Peter Browne

He was being accountable for his actions, which is good.

Anthony Becht

Incumbents need to be accountable to their constituents.

Christopher Shropshire

This radically changes advertising. It makes it much more accountable.

Bill Gross

We know who did it. We know what happened. Now we need to hold them accountable - and we will.

Ama Dwimoh

We, as chancellors, are going to be held accountable.

Carol D'amico

Lord of myself, accountable to none, but to my conscience, and my God alone.

John Oldham

We will get at them promptly and we expect to be accountable for responding to those recommendations.

Bill Price

Certainly, we need to hold workers accountable.

Brandon Thomas

We need an operational entity -- somebody who's accountable for it.

Pat Burns

There has to be responsibility. Somebody's got to step up to the place and be accountable.

Don Newbauer

The bad (police officers), when they do bad things, will be held accountable.

Rick Good

She concealed evidence. It's important to hold her accountable.

Lisa Borges

I ask the Syrian leadership to try him and hold him accountable.

Umeima Faddoul

The government must be held accountable.

Joe Stork

The way I see it is, each man has to be accountable for himself.

Ellis Hobbs