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It would be very satisfying after the start I had. That would be a huge accomplishment.

Steve Lowery

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Jim Rohn

It's a great accomplishment for us, and I'm so happy for these guys.

Van Sweet

It's quite the accomplishment. That's pretty dang good.

Jim Hill

It's an accomplishment to beat two teams we were playing with today.

Katherine Mowat

I don't think the U.S. can have another Miracle on Ice. It would be a tremendous accomplishment, but short of a miracle.

Pete Laviolette

A hat trick at any level is a tremendous accomplishment.

David Cope

All of the hard work paid off. It is a real accomplishment.

Allison Holiday

It's a great accomplishment for her. She's worked really hard to get where she's at.

Gene Rasmussen

It's been quite a run and quite an accomplishment.

Howard Bellamy

This is a big accomplishment for me. I had confidence in our team that we could beat them. They are a good team.

Andrew Davis

It's very special. It's amazing accomplishment. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the record.

Sherill Baker

I'm really happy for Riley. The fact that he was able to go out and win the ESD, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

Brad Andera

It's a great accomplishment just to make it that far.

Matt Hammons

Any form of a winning record in the conference is an accomplishment.

Jordan Knight

It was a huge accomplishment.

Paul Bernhard

I'm very pleased. To be 6-2-2 with what we've gone through with injuries is a great accomplishment.

Guy Callipari

It is an accomplishment for all Iraqis.

Farid Ayyar

It's a great accomplishment, and it's nice. But it's just something that we really don't think about.

Tony Young

Now learning how to pack is the other accomplishment.

Tim Wilken

It's a significant accomplishment. It was a thing of beauty.

Mark Leno

It's a huge accomplishment for them. They've really worked hard to get what they've gotten.

Suzanne Street

It's so much harder to repeat. That's why this is such a gratifying accomplishment.

Mike Downs

I'm very proud of my accomplishment. This tournament is almost as tough as the PIAA Tournament.

Troy Dolan

I've always had a sense of accomplishment from these goal?setting sessions.

Garry Thomas

It's a great accomplishment for these guys to go 8-0 in the first cycle.

Gene Manson

I think it's a huge accomplishment for her.

Brian Fanelli

You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.

Georgia O'Keeffe

It is a nice accomplishment to go undefeated in the league.

Bob Donovan

It was a great accomplishment from an incredible bunch.

Jeff Hughes

That's a great accomplishment. That was the first year she had ever run the 800.

Paul Lushes

Considering where the program has come from, it's a major accomplishment.

Mat Sprague