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"David Cope" is an American author, composer, scientist, and former professor of music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His primary area of research involves artificial intelligence and music; he writes programs and algorithms that can analyze existing music and create new compositions in the style of the original input music. In addition to regular music classes, he teaches a summer [http://arts.ucsc.edu/programs/wacm/ Workshop in Algorithmic Computer Music] that is open to the public (but not free) as well as a general education course entitled Artificial Intelligence and Music for enrolled UCSC students.

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You just never know. The records, throw them out the window. It's Eagle Valley, the local rivalry. A lot of the girls are club teammates. It'll be exciting. It'll be fun.

A hat trick at any level is a tremendous accomplishment.

I think it's a huge win on a number of fronts.

I think there's a lot of motivation on the part of our boys. They know the importance of it seeding-wise and it's a chance to go down on a nice field and play a quality opponent. The boys are really excited for it.

It was great to see (us) score goal right after they did. That's a characteristic of our guys. The first five minutes after a goal, they kind of bear down and play pretty well.

Two 4-2s in a row. That's the score of the week. There was bound to be a slight lull from the Glenwood game. It's hard to generate that kind of energy and emotion twice in 48 hours. Having said that, I think they dealt well with the field and the other team and the crowd and showed some composure.

Their game against Aspen was snowed out. We've had a lot of training sessions, so that's been an advantage. I certainly expect it to be closer against Eagle the second time.

Six goals this week, you'd think we'd have lost a game.

Looming on the horizon is Rifle. I think it's unlikely that any of the boys are going to get Andy Banner's (single-season scoring) record this year. But, they have a chance to do something that last year's team didn't do by beating Rifle on the road.