The area [scouts] have quite the grind. They see anywhere from 400 to 600 games a year. They don't see all of a game, but they may see three or four in a day or more if there's a tournament. It gets kind of lost in the shuffle. I think [scouting] is done more for the genuine love of being in baseball.

That's where the area guys are so important. They try to keep as much contact as they can with those kids. It is huge. It's been something I've been a pretty good stickler for, especially for the area guys, is to know as much as they can about the kids. Naturally, you can't always be right and you can be fooled. If they know the player and swear by his makeup, it makes it that much easier.

Now learning how to pack is the other accomplishment.

I know we're going to have to get better in the middle part of the diamond. With that in mind and if we get the pitching that we think we have and can add to that, it'll make this organization a lot stronger and give Jim and the Cubs a lot more resources if there are deals that have to be made.

For 16 years in Toronto we thought he was a good scout. It only took the Cubs one month to figure how bad he was.