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I was the one who could accommodate them.

Maria Rodriguez

I think no matter what you're looking for we can accommodate you.

Heather Reinholtz

They've proven their study habits; they've proven they can accommodate to college.

Richard Herman

Death is what he wants and what he'll get only if you accommodate him.

Gerald Zerkin

We try to accommodate, and why not? It's what we're here for.

Dr. Warren Downhour

There was nowhere (on campus) to accommodate what we needed.

Robin Kaler

With a cap of four percent, how do you accommodate big numbers like that?

Schools Dennis Mack

This rule is a transparent attempt to accommodate the industry.

Arjun Makhijani

We're trying to accommodate her as best we can.

Robert Ziegler

Our 33 classes can accommodate every vehicle. We even have an 'Ugliest' category.

Harry Clark

We've got all this demand in front of us now with a lot of big guys waiting to come in. And we've got to be able to accommodate them.

Mike Bair

You need a program that will accommodate your growth.

Stan Loar

I can't say we were able to accommodate every issue, but we answered and made accommodations where we could.

Jamie Wilson

We did not have the resources to accommodate them.

Gloria Roemer

I think we can move some students. If we could do it, we'd love to accommodate them.

Bill Person

I can accommodate up to 100 if we need.

Jim Elam

But we could certainly accommodate hundreds right away.

Craig Walker

It can accommodate everyone's schedule.

Gretchen Laffoon

They accommodate the load very well. We couldn't even afford them at wholesale prices.

Kevin Mcgowan