You can confine him to a miserable existence until he dies.

He is baiting you into it. He came to America to die, and you are his last chance.

This is about history, it is about how our justice system responded to the worst terrorist attack on our soil.

The government opts for retribution against the only person it has brought to trial in relation to 9/11.

Death is what he wants and what he'll get only if you accommodate him.

He wants you to sentence him to death. He came to America to die in jihad and you are his last chance. He clearly sees that as his last way to martyrdom.

His belief is a firmly established delusion.

You must nevertheless open yourselves to the possibility of a sentence other than death.

The idea that he will be part of a prisoner exchange is absurd. He is 100 percent certain that he will walk out of there before President Bush's term expires. That is a delusion.