That's key that these girls they played really good defense. For the most part, we did a great job on the boards so that's what saved us tonight.

It's a great group of girls and it's been a fun ride. We get back back together and get to practice a couple more times and get a chance to go play one more time and see what happens from there.

They may have had a little jitters when we got off to start. After about the first six minutes they really answered and really stepped up to bell.

I look for a little bit of talent, something you can mold and work with, ... I look for a good attitude.

As of right now, I can't tell you if I will have 11 or 12 on the team, ... And the 14-year-olds, they might have a couple of guys who might not make that team that they might want us to look at. So we might do this one more time, with a couple of kids. I appreciate your patience. Everybody who came today is a very good baseball player. All of you guys are capable of playing travel baseball.

I'm going to agonize over this, ... It's going to be a difficult decision. We will be a better team next year, no question. The difficult thing is cutting the kids. You've been with those kids for two years. You've been friends with the family.

[Walker cut one player who had been on the team for two years.] It was heartbreaking, ... But I opted for potential.

But we could certainly accommodate hundreds right away.

It's part of a larger system that's yet to be launched. That system will be a for-pay service, and that will subsidize what we're doing for the homeless.