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Those Victorian buildings were often painted creatively.

Michelle Hill

Morris Kite was the chairman. I remember the first meeting of that committee, out in an abandoned Victorian mansion that was the first location of the Gay Community Services Center in Los Angeles, which Morris helped to found.

Joseph Hansen

[Mr. Dudley subsequently made revisions, and some critics returned last month. Matt Wolf wrote in Variety that the projection] seems, thank heavens, to have simmered down. ... What's required, surely, is an authentically Victorian atmosphere, not something that looks like an out-of-focus video game.

Charles Spencer

[The master bedroom gets drama from its large-scale Victorian furniture and sophisticated mauve color scheme.] We tried about 20 mauves until we found the right shade, ... It could get kind of Pepto-Bismoly or too purpley.

Anna Sui

It has beautiful Victorian staircase.

Carolyn Harvey

They'd want to get fresh milk, so it would be nothing to be on the lake and there's a cow on a boat. You have to remember - if you came out (to the lake) in the Victorian era, you'd have to have three trunks of clothes. Women changed their clothes three times a day.

Brandon Lane

In the 18th and early 19th centuries, when it was the fashion to place furnishings along the walls, the chair rail prevented chairs from banging up against the wall and damaging the plaster surfaces. The dado and chair rail became more of a decorative feature in the Victorian era, when furnishings were moved out from the walls in various groupings.

Doug Bucher

We bought the property as much for the tree as for the Victorian house.

Donna Abbott

He's just got to get back to thinking he's at the MCG of old, wearing a Victorian cap, and no-one's at the ground, and just play.

Dean Jones

Trafalgar was a defining moment in Britain's history as it established Britain's maritime ascendancy for 100 years which saw a fantastic growth of trade and empire during Victorian times.

David Quarmby

It's a good result for the Victorian clubs.

Trevor Nisbett

The Victorian Government Solicitor's advice to us was that (a prosecution) wasn't going to succeed.

Peter Cohen

I do understand that density is a much more important factor than in the past, ... but Victorian terraces are built to exceedingly high densities, yet because of their high ceilings and clever design, they feel more spacious than modern homes.

Phil Robinson

The waist thing has been brewing for some time, but it now chimes with our interest in a 50s silhouette, and the Victorian one. Ideas always take time to hit the street, though. Some looks are proposed but not accepted ... It was the same with flapper dresses, maxi coats. Remember that no woman under 45 has ever worn anything like this.

Sarah Mower

He has been a decent player in the past, having progressed through the Institute of Sport in Canberra but things have not worked out here. Daniel has got an opportunity now to get sorted out with perhaps a Victorian State League team and get himself back to fitness and show another A-League team that he is worthy of a contract for next season.

Alan Vest

Tea-stained laces, Victorian accents, ruffles and textured fabrics like Swiss dot and crochet reinforce this sense of vintage femininity.

Marla Shavin

These windows have had hundreds of people look through their panes. They have come from churches, ranch and farm houses, Victorian homes, and even a barn or two.

Jeanie Cooper

The hospital was called Eloise, and it was this compound of big red Victorian buildings that we used to ride our bikes by. Growing up, we heard all kinds of horrible tales, and that's what we used in our book.

Kelly Montee

His menus were very simple. They were not overblown and elaborate in the Victorian sense. You could taste the freshness and quality.

Elizabeth Nosek

It will not take a modern Victorian specialist long to admit that liberal cultural heroes like John Stuart Mill, Arnold, Carlyle, Newman, Macaulay, Ruskin, George Eliot, and even Dickens had definite views on race and imperialism, which are quite easily to be found at work in their writing.

Edward Said