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This is the first sunny day I can remember in two months. Everything seems pretty stable now.

Russell Harris

Thursday, I forecast as mostly sunny. It's a much-needed break.

John Farley

Biomass power is a direct replacement for conventional fossil fuel energy plants. It doesn't have to be a clear sunny day (to work).

Tom Amesbury

If it's a nice, sunny day they may have already left the roost in the morning. In the afternoon they may not come back to the roost until 5:30 or so.

Harry Harnish

Here it's raining, but when we go north for a meet it's sunny and beautiful and we're running well and jumping well and throwing well.

Gwen Harris

I have had days when it was 35 degrees and sunny and people are bundled up on the deck like it's a football game.

Chris Weeks

Gaining more experience on asphalt is one of Chris's development objectives this year. The challenging stages in Ireland will be great practice for him. He needs all the asphalt experience he can get but, in particular, coming from sunny Australia, he hasn't had many chances to drive in the wet - that shouldn't be a problem in Ireland!

David Lapworth

Investors see nothing but sunny skies as far as the eye can see and therefore do not care one iota about risk. They are pursuing returns regardless of risk, and therefore the most speculative companies and investment classes are doing very well.

Whitney Tilson

I didn't notice the rain. I thought it was sunny all day long.

Adam Nelson

The other day they were giving the weather forecast for the Cactus League and I'm thinking, 'Oh, great. It's going to be sunny.' I guess that's to be expected.

Todd Linden

They were very close. You never saw Sunny without Phillip and you never saw Phillip without Sunny.

Jennifer Hitchcock

If I remember correctly, it was a day in late August and it was about 85 - 85 and sunny.

Mike Zimmerman

The way Sunny speaks in the books seems a perfect fit for the cause in question. She often uses words that can't be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, which then are explained as sly commentary on what's going on around her.

Daniel Handler

We'll be sunny and have dry conditions right on through Monday.

David Richard Jones

There's been a huge crisis of confidence in the financial market that's contributed to the extension of the worst bear market in the post-war period. We're on the flip side of where we were three years ago, where all good news was priced into everything and the sky was considered to be sunny forever. Now we're pricing the bad news into everything.

Charles Lemonides

What's really good is (a pile of) grass cuttings or a decomposing log, a dead tree. Make sure it's in a sunny place and on the ground.

Carolyn Lidge

The conditions were just right for it (Tuesday). We prefer sunny, windless days.

Jess Brown

Murder Alfresco: A Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mystery.

Chronicle Books

One day it might be really cold and snowy, and the next day it might be sunny, and you might have a match that day, but the day before you practiced indoors. You have no idea what?s going on from day to day.

Jessica Simosa

Sunny was literally a flower of a person.

Millicent Cummings