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I kind of sprained it a little but it feels pretty good. Hopefully, after a couple of days of treatment I'll be fine.

Chris Hunter

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But I remember in college when I sprained my MCL a couple of times, but it was never anything serious. It's going to be fine.

Albert Haynesworth

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He sprained his shoulder, and the best-case scenario is that we get him back in a few weeks.

Jim Mccrossin

It's always been a comfort zone knowing you have 28 [Martin] behind you. I've seen him play with two sprained ankles, I've seen him play with an MCL, I've seen him play with a tailbone muscle ripped off his tailbone, I've seen a bunch of different things. I had no idea he was hurt. I had no clue; you won't hear a word from him.

Chad Pennington

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I'm going to miss all of our seniors, but will probably miss David the most. Chris Brown, another senior, sprained his ankle in the third quarter. We're hoping he can go Friday because he's been a key contributor for us.

Pete Trgovich

We have to look at the history with this guy. He's sprained his ankle seven or eight times with us, and he's never missed a game with one. It's the same thing he's had in the past. Nothing big.

Arnie Kander

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He sprained his ankle in the first period. His father didn't want him to continue. He was wrestling on one leg. He showed a lot of heart to get that takedown at the end.

Wayne Hicks

You can't make the club in the tub. A team is going to have 25 healthy bodies. At that point in time, when I sprained my ankle, I couldn't get out there and compete. It cost me as far as making the Opening Day roster. But better late than never.

Quinton Mccracken

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We wanted to give Katie a chance against a quality team in a tight situation. We wanted to see what she could do because you're only a sprained ankle away from having to put her in there.

Jim Gonder

It hurt, but I've sprained my ankle like that, I've stepped on people's feet a lot of times playing. It didn't hurt as bad as it did in the past.

Daniel Horton

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It's definitely hard for him. For an athlete, it's always hard watching your colleagues go out there and play. In his case, his health is more important than his feelings. We're being very careful. This is not something like a head cold or sprained knee. He was seriously ill.

Larry Robinson

The human body is not made to play heavy-duty basketball eleven months a year. It doesn't always show up in October or November either. You'll see a guy break down in January or February with a sprained ankle because his ligaments are loose.

David Bauman

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A Level 4 patient needs one resource; that could be something like a sprained ankle we have to splint. And a Level 5 requires no resources.

Janie Schumaker

[Ken Griffey was not that concerned about his latest injury. Griffey is day-to-day after suffering a sprained left foot going from first to third in the 12th inning Sunday.] It's just a little sore. We'll see how it feels tomorrow and go from there, ... They said I was going to get a day off in the next couple of days anyway, so I guess (today) is it.

Ken Griffey

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My sophomore year I had a real bad sprained ankle and was out for a few games. Then last year I tore my ACL. I didn't know it was torn at first. I tried to come back, but I couldn't do it.

Artez Foster

It's more than a sprained ankle.

Art Munoz

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It was a long climb, but when Ann sprained her ankle that took the life out of us.

Fran Snyder

Parfait sprained his ankle, and he was out. We needed another ball handler, another guy to help in the backcourt. I thought he did a very fine job. We really missed Parfait from a defensive standpoint, because he's so aggressive. Down the stretch, it's important we do a better job of that.

Jim Baron

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