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I kind of sprained it a little but it feels pretty good. Hopefully, after a couple of days of treatment I'll be fine.

Chris Hunter

It's not so extreme as long as you stay smart about it. You'll get cuts and bruises, maybe a sprained ankle, just like any sport. The best safety equipment is your head.

Ryan Ford

We will be missing five players on Saturday. We hope to get Julia Borowski back for the tournament this weekend. She missed most of the action to this point with a sprained ankle. ... She has the ability to make a difference in a big game.

Al Keckeisen

He sprained his shoulder, and the best-case scenario is that we get him back in a few weeks.

Jim Mccrossin

Stacey is a player that I classify as a warrior. She has a severely sprained ankle that she got against Middlebury. A few minutes after, she told me she was OK.

Keith Boucher

I'm going to miss all of our seniors, but will probably miss David the most. Chris Brown, another senior, sprained his ankle in the third quarter. We're hoping he can go Friday because he's been a key contributor for us.

Pete Trgovich

And it gets worse. The night we played Whitewater, one of our five kids was playing with a sprained ankle and another one was playing with a stomach virus. So you could say we were up against it.

Merle Mullet

He sprained his ankle in the first period. His father didn't want him to continue. He was wrestling on one leg. He showed a lot of heart to get that takedown at the end.

Wayne Hicks

Right now, Purvis is hurt; he sprained an ankle in the alumni game.

Aaron Murphy

We wanted to give Katie a chance against a quality team in a tight situation. We wanted to see what she could do because you're only a sprained ankle away from having to put her in there.

Jim Gonder

He was off balance when he went up and I blocked his shot. And he kind of just rolled on it. Right now, I'm just trying to determine how bad it is and take it day-by-day. It's more of my Achilles, it's not like a sprained ankle, it's in the back on my heel and Achilles. It's just extremely sore.

Tim Thomas

It's definitely hard for him. For an athlete, it's always hard watching your colleagues go out there and play. In his case, his health is more important than his feelings. We're being very careful. This is not something like a head cold or sprained knee. He was seriously ill.

Larry Robinson

We really felt coming in that having competition within our team would help make everybody play harder, ... It looks like a lot, but that's our goal. And just ask Coach Fisher – you get a sprained ankle, you get a sore throat. More than anything, we want to protect ourselves for the inevitable things that you hope won't occur but do.

Beth Burns

A Level 4 patient needs one resource; that could be something like a sprained ankle we have to splint. And a Level 5 requires no resources.

Janie Schumaker

Never assume the ability to walk means your ankle isn't broken or badly sprained. Putting weight on the injured joint can worsen the problem and lead to chronic instability, joint pain and arthritis later in life.

Matthew Dairman

My sophomore year I had a real bad sprained ankle and was out for a few games. Then last year I tore my ACL. I didn't know it was torn at first. I tried to come back, but I couldn't do it.

Artez Foster

The injury will not affect my future in competition. The ligament on the left leg is a little bit sprained.

Zhang Dan

It was a long climb, but when Ann sprained her ankle that took the life out of us.

Fran Snyder

Lauren filled a lot of roles on our team. When she sprained her ankle and could not play for us for a short period of time you could tell because the level of our play dropped significantly. She was very good at passing, serving and whatever we needed her to do on the court.

Rick Gordon