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History buffs probably noted the reunion at a Washington party a few weeks ago of three ex-presidents: Carter, Ford and Nixon - See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Evil.

Bob Dole

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We did [the reunion concert] without a lot of expectations. It was just for fun with a little bit of terror mixed in. If I don't ever pick up a guitar again, I'll always look at [that concert] as one of the greatest things I've ever done.

Michael Bland

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When we decided to give this reunion a go, I hadn't even listened to 'Entertainment!' in more than a decade.

Jon King

It's so good to see so much snow and see everybody back. I definitely missed it. It's a nice little reunion.

Stacy Thomas

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You don't mock the importance of the event. This isn't the MTV Music Video Awards. We expect the Oscar host to be like a beloved aunt or uncle on stage playing the ringmaster to a family reunion.

Tom O'neil

I know he doesn't remember me but I remember meeting Mr. Paterno in 1977, so it will be kind of a reunion. He's a fine gentleman.

Sid Monge

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We always envisioned 'High School Reunion' as a franchise, and we wanted to move quickly into production of the next installment.

Keith Cox

Today, we have three suspected cases of bird flu in the island of Reunion.

Xavier Bertrand

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The idea of this reunion tour was to generate a bunch of enthusiasm for the band. But if they get people excited, they're going to want a new record, so they're going to follow up with a new album with Joey , ... So for me, I look at it as it's over. The last thing I want to do is say, 'Hey, I'll be here if you want me.'

John Bush

My favorite item is probably Adlai Stevenson's ['22] reunion jacket.

Christie Lutz

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We can build on this. We will probably continue to have some type of basketball lettermen's reunion every year. It might not be this same formal process where they're recognized at a football game, but it might be at a basketball game.

Mike Hamilton

[Billed as the] Jefferson Airplane Galactic Family Reunion, ... 'San Francisco sound' that changed the course of pop music forever.

Paul Kantner

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It's the first time that the original people were invited back to play, ... They're doing it right. It's going to be a wonderful 30th anniversary and reunion. I'm looking forward to it.

Richie Havens

We treat it as almost a mini family reunion.

Tim Groover

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It's like a family reunion. It's awesome because it's going to be a star-studded video.

Layzie Bone

If somebody's from the livestock industry, this event is like the Super Bowl, the greatest home-and-garden show and family reunion and college reunion all rolled into one.

Tom Field

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The first time (in 2003) was fun going back. Now it's really business for me. There's no time for a family reunion.

Daniel Graham

It's kind of like a family reunion. I believe it's even closer than a family reunion. We've had an experience that draws us even closer than brothers.

Wilburn Snyder

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It's more like a family reunion. I think most would come whether we're giving away prizes or not.

Jerry Cox

So when you get about 20 coaches — most of whom have done very well — together, it is like a reunion.

Vince Dooley

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