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Obviously, it's a lot of bodies in a classroom, but we don't have any choice, ... We just have to kind of make do.

John Atkinson

I think intelligent design should not be taught in the biology classroom.

Michael Ruse

He wants you to excel, ... Do well in the classroom as well as on the field.

Jeff Mullins

Once you try out what a computer can do in a classroom, it's really quite dazzling.

Richard Regan

A lot of the kids are succeeding in the regular classroom with accommodations.

Janice Argabright

(Benefits) spill over into the classroom quickly, ... Especially equipment.

Robert Mcgrath

The need for additional classroom space, and storage space, has been a big problem.

Sue Mccormick

There is no better classroom than to travel the world and talk to the people.

Wayne Cordeiro

That 150 minutes doesn't have to all be in P.E. class. You can have five minutes of classroom activity where you jump up and down or something.

W. Donnie Boland

In a classroom of 20 kids, there's one with asthma in any school.

John Winder

I can bring to a classroom a wealth of information, because I have been there.

Michael Dukakis

This is not a part of a classroom assignment. The students are actually working on this independently.

Michelle Moore

Before (at the old school) we had to use the hallway or the back of the classroom.

Patti Byers

Our take around here is, if there's a way to do it in the field, that's how we want to do it. There's only so much you can do in the classroom. This really brings it home.

John Mcilwain

It is more than just learning in the classroom ... Learning is more involved than that and more complex than that.

Principal Theresa Weidenbaugh

I don?t know how he beats us to our classroom, because I always see him leave after we do. But when we get to our room, there he is, waiting.

Ian Frazier

If you only have athletic talent, and you're not working in the classroom, nothing good will come of it.

Aaron Huffman

An empty chair in the classroom and in all of our hearts.

Donna Jones

I don't view them as a loss of time in the classroom; I view them as instruction.

Joan Reynolds

There's not enough teachers for every classroom that we have.

Donna Mutzenard