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I held her, and Barry held me, ... I told her: 'I love you. I will always love you.'

Barry Graham

Just like Barry, only bigger and faster.

Kevin Jones

For everyone else, but we're talking about Barry.

Ray Durham

There is some merit in some of the things Barry says.

Julia Gillard

Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

Judd Nelson

If people want to say Barry is No. 1, they won't get an argument from me. As long as I get to be No. 2.

Willie Mays

Barry never articulated a reason why he did what he did.

John Knodell

He has a beautiful stroke. Pure as Rick Barry.

Bill Bakamus

I have a lot of respect for Barry and what he does. I wish something like this didn't come up.

Jason Christiansen

I love Barry Manilow .

Scotty Bowman