He doesn't play as small as he is.

We threw four interceptions, one they returned for a TD, and they scored 22 points off of them. You're not going to win a game when that happens. The difference tonight was two things. The first thing was they capitalized on our turnovers and we didn't capitalize on theirs. And the second thing was their defensive line beat our offensive line at the point of attack.

I think Rick is one of the most, if not the most respected coaches in the league. So, for us to come in here after losing the last three years to them was huge. We're playing well and we just can't let the team slip.

[The style dates back to the mid-19th century, when] accessories were a sign of wealth, ... you can add a bow to a dress or jeans and personalize a look easily and cheaply.

Just like Barry, only bigger and faster.

It was embarrassing. I'm trying to put it behind me already and get ready for the next game.

There are creatures from all over the universe, and they're not all going to look like humans.