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We're receiving applications, but we're not sending out ballots because we don't have them yet.

Pat King

You can't have two ballots that are identical ... and have (them) counted in one way in one county and another way in another county.

Bruce Fein

As soon as we get the ballots, we'll start sending them to those who have made application.

Pat King

We've never had so many ballots with so many problems.

John Payne

Now GAM can use ballots, not bullets, to fulfill their aspirations.

Pieter Feith

I think a lot of people will get the ballots and not understand how to vote.

Gino Bucchino

In Texas, they make you jump through hoops to get on the ballots.

John Mcdowell

We wanted to use paper ballots to make it much easier on us and much easier on the county.

Melton Harris

There was an error on our part in approving and reviewing the ballots.

Mary Cole

The CEP was not handling the ballots.

Rosemond Pradel

We're not actually sure how many ballots were affected.

Brian Rust