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We are a different team with him in the ballgame, so we need him healthy.

Ashley Kuhn

It was a great ballgame from an excitement standpoint.

Vince Lombardo

Kate did well early, when we were in the ballgame. Once we got out of it, she got frustrated.

Bob Coolen

Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

John Fogerty

These are all guys that with one swing of the bat can put us in the lead or get us back in the ballgame.

Stan Hyman

We have to be upbeat, find the things that we made mistakes on and fix them and go into this ballgame fired up.

John Beck

If we make half of that we'll be in the ballgame. If we make more than half we'll win, because we draw a lot of ejections.

Bryan Lynton

We just did what we had to do to win the ballgame.

Mike Day

We had three chances to win the ballgame, and we blew all three of them.

Dale Anderson

They were enthused. That got them back in the ballgame. From there on, it was a tussle.

Jerry Slykhuis

We didn't play well and we didn't win the ballgame. That's what happens. I really don't know what else to say about it.

Brad Halsey

Boy, he played hard. That's a very, very complete ballgame for him.

Bobby Ross

It's killed the fairway. It's never been this bad before. This is a whole new ballgame for us.

Mark Duane

Once you're in the immigration system, it's a much different ballgame.

Ahmed Bedier

The crowd makes the ballgame.

Ty Cobb

We really need to win this ballgame. We are focusing on Washington County now.

Nelson Cundiff

That three was a back-breaker. That was the ballgame.

Donna Moir

There are a lot of circumstances in a ballgame, but the big thing was we just didn't shoot the ball very well. And when you can't put the ball in the hole you can't win.

Greg Goodley

That's what seniors are for, to win a ballgame for you.

Jane Albright

All of a sudden, it's a ballgame.

Tony Couture

It's the same ballgame, ... I don't know what happened. I try to do my job on the road, too.

Ervin Santana

You can't win a ballgame averaging nine strikeouts in the lineup and that's about what we had.

Eric Etchison

This is the end of the ballgame.

Edwin Smith