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Our focus was to reduce the number of bags given.

Pat Wilson

The unlimited solves all the problems - they can put out bags and it's cheaper.

Jack Barnes

We have no choice but to open any bags that raise concern.

James Loy

We'll provide the bags so no baskets or bags should be brought.

Warren Rensehausen

Do you know why there's so much air in potato chip bags?

Brian White

They were probably too sore to practice from carrying the bags.

Leo Duggan

It's a challenge to get people to play us here, so we'll pack our bags and go.

Angelo Forte

If we don't generate a response, the bags won't be as full at the pantry.

Linda Lovelace

The 28 bags are all empty -- to put all his parts in after the fight.

John Ruiz

And a tent, sleeping bags -- a lot of stuff.

Jennifer Skoog

If it weren't for cigarette butts and fast food bags, this would be easy.

Jon Ford

We took our bags and were ready to go.

Bev Rasmussen

They would hit her in the head with their bags. Some people would call her and whistle for her to come.

Barbara Thomas

The best wood in most amateurs' bags is the pencil.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

I saw the bags and I said to myself that somebody is dumping trash here. Then I saw what was inside. I saw the deer.

Joni Anger

Garbage bags full of trash talk.

James Newson

I've had to use a lot less body bags because they are here.

John Tobin

It was tough. We saw body bags and everything.

Alex Post