The panic component of the gasoline prices should drop back down to something more in line with oil prices.

This year more than ever, we will be spreading the word on the importance of the United Way Community Care Fund, ... We are here today because we know our mission is not only possible, but vital. Collectively, we have the power to accomplish great things.

You don't burn a barrel of oil. You burn the products that it makes.

Locally, you can never go wrong with Don Gavin. I can recite Don Gavin's act word for word, and it never grows old or tired for me. I have been very guilty of using his jokes in casual conversation . . . but it's made me very popular.

Brian Regan makes me cry. I see him every time he comes to Boston. Quite honestly, I'm surprised it's taken him this long to get to theaters and break out of the clubs.

I've had to use a lot less body bags because they are here.

[Dr. John Tobin, campaign chairman, or chief special agent, said the goal is $3.5 million.] But I want to say we need to get the campaign to at least $4 million, ... We need to see a 10 percent increase in funding committed to the Community Care Fund.