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You remember the days in the backyard when it's cold and you just had some fun.

Joe Pavelski

We feel a little pressure from development. Now it's somebody's backyard.

Greg Booth

I don't think we even saw the backyard until May.

Jay Shippole

We've shown the Australians in their backyard what we can do. We've not been afraid to go out there and take them on.

Ross Davenport

We don't have to go to a glacier in Tibet to find a missing airman, ... We've got some of them in our own backyard.

Robert Mann

We had maybe a little flooding in the backyard.

Jon Lieber

Families enjoy having that backyard and that swing set.

Rob Rowlson

My husband went out in the backyard and buried him.

Lynsey Magyar

We stuffed the Australians in their own backyard.

Ross Davenport

It's right here in our backyard. Why not use it?

Bridget Foley

I had a great view, out in my backyard with a couple of telescopes.

Fred Espenak

The Chinese are so dominant at the moment that to go there and win in their own backyard was very satisfying.

Nathan Robertson

In our backyard. There was a huge pile of raw sewage on top of the ground.

Melinda Rodgers

My dad never pushed me but the big thing is that he helped me by going out in the backyard and playing with me.

Bart Starr

I am prepared to fight any of them in their backyard. Chi or Marquez, bring them on I'll fight them anywhere anytime.

Scott Harrison

If you can see the skyline of Indianapolis, you can enjoy our fireworks in your backyard.

John Kinman

I hate that not-in-my-backyard mentality, but this is America's backyard, ... With one hazard, you could destroy it.

Carolyn Mccormick

Sit in their backyard and read trashy novels.

Tracy Koon

They had to get everything from nature. You could only use what was in your own backyard.

John Kraft

This is just like backyard chickens used to be.

Denis Dronne

She never said we couldn't dig holes or build things in the backyard.

Mark Willis

I learned what invasive species I have. Even in my own backyard.

Elizabeth Miller