I don't think we even saw the backyard until May.

It was in perfect condition. We just loved it.

He was just livid that I would go on Tom's boat.

We didn't want to tell people over the phone. That just seemed wrong.

I think when you reach this stage of your life, you're just looking for the traditional. It just seemed to put the finishing touch on the relationship. I never had children, so the thought of being a grandmother just blows me away.

The people who are going to be here are the people we truly want to be here.

I wasn't bitter from divorce. I was adored for 26 years. We each knew what the other was talking about.

There is not a snowball's chance in hell we would have met if it wasn't for match.com.

He tells everyone I tried to sink his boat. It probably wasn't that bad an idea, but I wasn't that creative.