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The discipline of desire is the background of character.

John Locke

The social objectives are being relegated to the background.

Dr Kamal Hossain

The trick was to have the complexity in the background, but with an intuitive interface.

Kevin Fletcher

It's just part of the background of modern life.

Gerry Seifert

I definitely think I have a good softball background.

Brooke Brodersen

Its background is very interesting.

Regina Deke

They asked for some more historical background to strengthen the application.

Whit Field

I'll also be getting a chance to teach. That's my background.

Ron Waske

You'll be listening to it kind of in the background and then something will come on and grab you.

Jace Seavers

I always viewed him as someone with good credibility, good technical background.

City Manager Doug Selby

He was at home. I could hear his kids in the background.

Richard Kebo

They are the group that was really the musical background of Motown.

Michael Blachly

No one should be working until those background checks are completed.

Rep. Paul Clymer

Most of the Elves have an engineering background. But there are some ... we have to train.

Jim Burke

We'd be talking about somebody's background.

Leonard Leo

I feel I have a lot of knowledge to bring to the table and background.

Richard Harrison

Bluegrass is really a big part of my background.

Travis Tritt

He has an extensive fiscal background.

Steve Perez

What to do with the home … what to do with the family … for the woman who has an Hispanic background.

Bill Kerr

The bottom line is that good coaches can come out of any background.

Keith Rowen

You can't have people talking or dogs barking in the background.

Beth Mcfadden

We know they have the background, we know they have the content knowledge.

Stanley Litow

You don't really see Lou a lot. He stays in the background. He just likes to sit back in the background and support his son.

Willie Martinez

Time is but the shadow of the world upon the background of Eternity.

Jerome K. Jerome

The attraction to go there was the academics and the religious background for the kids.

Steve Rosenberg

It did not take into account very well the background traffic.

Jeannie Willis

We would advocate making a report to the authorities and then dropping into the background.

Frank Putnam

We come from a tough, working class background, so we're very tight.

Tony Scott

You don't fight the battle in May that you have to fight in October, ... What we do now is background noise.

Paul Berendt

He comes from a good background. He was bound for greatness until he had that accident.

Victor Melendez

I found myself not jumping in (to assist) as often if someone did not have that (corrections) background.

Ron Blair

He has a strong union background.

George Anthony

There's a much greater rigor and sensitivity about background checks.

Bill Olson

Clearly these are serious offences but there is also a very significant psychiatric background here.

Andrew Walker

I was pleased we got [her]. She has a good background on dairy.

Tony Souza

We all have a restaurant background.

Jason Mink

I would have known his background, that he was on parole.

Gary Brewer

We're very fortunate to find someone with his background and credentials.

Superintendent Michael Cormier

I am not a racist. I have a lot of very close friends of African-American background.

Ernie Bach

He is visiting in the background of what is happening.

Erik Nurnberg

I had no knowledge of his background whatsoever, ... I never, ever would have hired him had I known that.

Elizabeth Smart

She has an outstanding background in Alachua County with working with sustainability.

Ed Poppell