I always viewed him as someone with good credibility, good technical background.

I have no objection to these interviews. Had I been given a courtesy notice by your office, though, I would have notified our entire staff about the potential to be contacted and advised them to be cooperative with you.

Given the scope, the magnitude and disruption, it went extremely smoothly. It came in on schedule and on budget.

We absolutely do not want to delay those projects.

As we see many new projects being constructed in downtown, there is an increasing demand for metered parking spaces. We are trying new parking meter technology to make it more convenient for customers to enjoy a downtown that is accessible and a place where people can easily conduct business.

I think we were doing without because we were making ends meet so to speak. We have gotten to the point where the ends are not meeting quite as well as it used to and we want to explore our options.

In the process of negotiations, we reached a point where we need to bring closure to something. In my opinion we're very close, just not close enough to sign a deal.