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We had them backed up on their own 1 and let them out. We needed to come up with some third-down stops.

Joe Lobendahn

We're beginning to get backed into a corner. It's something worth trying.

Terry Chapin

When I backed up, I saw smoke and fire. So I called dispatch to report it.

Deborah Johnson

I should have backed off.

Carlos Rogers

You can only do so much in asset-backed before you're hurting your profitability.

David Hendler

He didn't look for trouble. It always came to him, but he never backed down.

Manuel Matias

The diplomats backed the government in its efforts to appease the situation.

Michel Brunache

They backed me up. One of those games that was all bend and no break.

Tim Hudson

They said, 'oh, the office is backed up with some paperwork.'

Marshall Allen

Then he went out and scored a hat trick and backed it up.

Kevin Mcdonald

Everybody's in the same ballpark. Everybody's getting backed up in games.

Jim Yanko

They've got so much mail out there it's pathetic, and it's backed up.

Oscar Cabral

The driver of the van then backed up and ran over the victim before leaving the area.

Marcus Dudley

We are backed up. We are addressing those issues.

Barbara Alterman

It's backed up every day.

Casey O'donnell

You're forced to call different plays when you're backed up.

Jerramy Stevens

I don't think my girls backed down.

Tracy Nelson

He backed out of the fight. I'm here. I showed up. He didn't want to fight me.

Aaron Brink

They basically backed the truck right out of the building.

Eric Dahl

I could have pitched better, but the team backed me up and we got the win.

Edwin Jackson