I should have backed off.

If I wasn't tired and could get some words out of my mouth, I'd still say something then.

I'm proud. There's just something about going to a school like Auburn.

I'm coming off two or three practices, so I was a little winded, ... I feel good. Other than just being a little winded, I had no problems.

I've got to sit back and let plays come to me, ... rather than thinking I've got to make a play. Because if I'm anxious to make then I might slip up and try to break on stuff too fast.

I'm striving to get better and be consistent, ... A lot of the time my technique was not as on key as we thought it should be. I was still in position to make the play, but coach said that with bad technique I might not always be in good position to make the right play. I need to get that technique down first.

It's a big game, period, because I don't know the last time the Redskins won games back-to-back.

And a couple of wagers too.

I knew to expect that, I knew they were going to come after me, ... I'm a rookie out there; I'm a target. They look on the other side and see number 24 [veteran corner Shawn Springs] and look on my side and number 22: I know they're coming after me.