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We haven't closed any avenues.

Ann Fisher

I envision he [Hartman] will try other avenues.

David Knowles

These are a couple of generous avenues that people can take.

Jeff Trewhitt

We've been looking at all avenues.

Jeff Hawes

There are too many avenues of delay in the current system.

Bob Elek

I will never allow my daughter's voice to be silenced, but I have exhausted all my avenues in Aruba.

Beth Holloway Twitty

It opens up a lot more avenues for the station to be viewed.

Tim Morgan

Now you've got someone admitting exactly what the motivation was and explaining all the avenues they used.

Kent Cooper

This is unethical conduct at it's highest and we will pursue all avenues.

Robert Shapiro

It is an opportunity for personal growth and it opens more avenues for me.

Daniel Ngwepe