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We have one class a month, and we're full to August.

Carla Granstrom

We find once August hits, the kids are anxious to come back.

Beth Bauer

August is typically a pretty slow month.

Shelly Grice

Look at the world that August left us. He left us an entire world.

Jack Viertel

As soon as the applications went out in August, the numbers went up.

Tracy Helin

If I remember correctly, it was a day in late August and it was about 85 - 85 and sunny.

Mike Zimmerman

Perhaps we get a [0.25 percent hike] in August and one in September.

Stuart Freeman

It is just absolutely amazing that 2 weeks after August 29 we are standing where we are at.

Joe Spraggins

We had high expectations. August exceeded even our own high expectations.

Curtis Brown

Had this occurred in mid-June to mid-August, it would be much more serious than it is now.

Patrick Michaels

We are pleased that local consumption has increased from 5% to 25% since August 2004.

Anton Kruger

We think the Fed is going to tighten by the end of August.

Harvinder Kalirai

It is kind of like Christmas in August.

Jose Lopez

We will never let the BOJ repeat the mistake the bank made in August 2000.

Kozo Yamamoto

If the settlement is approved in August, they will get everything they are entitled to under the settlement.

James Beldner

It's only August. It's unprecedented the amount of money behind this.

Kristina Wilfore

We're in the fast lane, trying to get it done by August.

Ray Barrett

August has been coming on like gangbusters.

Fred Gadomski

The only difference between our August announcement and today is that the SEC put its stamp of approval on it.

Dwayne Lee

It's not done. That's the one thing at this level. Recruiting is really not done until late August.

Doug Adkins

We have been saying this since 21 July so I'm glad he has said it on 30 August.

Alisdair Gray

We're hopeful to see dirt flying in August.

Phil Gardner

A ceremony honoring his decision will be held on August 9.

Cindy Moore

We're looking at that midyear, probably around July or August.

Dave Riggins

The marquee is going to survive August, ... And it is going to survive me.

Rocco Landesman

We usually discuss the goals in August and don't end up approving them until November.

Pam Richardson

Has agreed to an extension of the terms of her home confinement until August 31.

Walter Dellinger

Typically, you're going to set your peak in August.

Scott Mccloud

We are working on time and school will be open in August.

Sara Stern

That contract was over at the end of August.

Aldo De La Garza

August was another sensational month for Ford and the industry.

Bob Rewey

Hopefully, by August they'll be peaches.

Maxwell Norton

The last week of July to the first week of August.

Boy Scout

I don't think it's at all realistic for them to get the EIS done before they deploy in August.

David Henkin

August sales momentum slowed.

Eric Bosshard

It's as close to the real thing as you're going to get in August.

Eddie Drummond