That team has a lot of speed, ... We had our chances especially early on. We didn't do anything when we could have, they did.

I paid $2.90 last week and now I paid $3.22. This is ridiculous, in seven days or less. Unfortunately, you got to get to work and you got to do what you got to do. You've got to pay the price right now.

They got the kind of game they wanted, ... They used the tight ends and running backs, and they kept the score low.

The basis for contents on the Internet is shifting from text to video and Korean portals are adapting themselves to the change well.

We just knew we had to be mentally tough once the ceremonies were over. We had to get down to business, and then it was just another game we had to win.

Usually, Saint Joe's teams play their best basketball this time of year. We are just going to have to take this game, learn from it and move on. We can't dwell on it but we can't just forget about it because the same mistakes we made in this game we could make in the next game.

The only difference between our August announcement and today is that the SEC put its stamp of approval on it.

What you see are companies on the rise.

Growth is going to happen. You people as a community will determine how it happens.

This will be challenging because it's the highest-altitude landing that NASA has ever attempted.

There is something for everyone. From hard rock to slow ballads, stripped down rock and roll to old school country.

They remind me of our team two years ago. It's kind of similar to how we played two years ago.

We've been in every game we've played, so we all believe and we are all confident in ourselves. It's just a matter of us going out there and finishing the job.