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I can assure you we will work with you. If there is something that upsets you, please call.

Bill Bohnenstiehl

Answer them [critics] with silence and indifference. It works better, I assure you, than anger and argument.

Gioacchino Rossini

There's no secret program. There has been no hiding, I can assure you of that.

John Clifford

But he will know he has been in a game come the end, I can assure you of that.

Graham Roberts

I've never done anything to try to make money. Had I done that, I assure you, I'd be a much wealthier man than I am today.

Corey Hart

We assure you that if we win, we will be at your service.

Ismail Haniyah

Yeah, well that's probably the biggest crowd I've ever addressed I can assure you.

Adam Pine

I can assure you right now things have never looked better in this market.

Jon Fredrikson

I can assure you support of my administration to try to bring that dream into reality.

Jim Hodges

In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra.

Fran Lebowitz

I can assure you, it won't happen again under my watch.

Shawna Egan

I told him I can't assure him anything because the decision would be up to the President.

Raul Gonzalez

I can assure you after we get it in, most people won't even know it's synthetic grass.

Duane Burk

I can assure you no whales are going to be killed today.

Paul Watson

Since I've been here at MADD, I assure you.

Chuck Hurley

I can assure you he's quite serious about this stuff.

Micah Rasmussen

I assure you I'll be in Pocatello the rest of my life, ... I'm never moving again.

Christine King

I can't speak to the specifics, but I can assure you that I am very concerned about this situation.

Christine Melnick

If I take refuge in ambiguity, I can assure you that it's quite conscious.

Frank L. Boyden

I have not signed anything. I can assure you I would know if it had come to us.

Barbara Harvey

Certainly, Africa accounts for only l % of world trade, and we cannot assure our development on our own.

Omar Bongo

We can assure you we are taking action on all the possible causes out there.

Maureen Johnson

Do what we can do to assure market stability.

Purnomo Yusgiantoro

I assure you that I will not sign off on any label that had a cardiac warning.

Edward Scolnick