We want the price down.

With the instruction, we have to reduce oil exports on consideration that it will be more economical and can lower our fuel oil production costs.

This is because of Hurricane Ivan and some problems in other places.

High oil prices can cause recession. We are not happy with high oil prices.

Remember that speculation cuts both ways.

The ministers noted that current high oil prices are the result of a combination of many factors, ... Principal among them are gasoline bottlenecks in some regions of the world, increased geopolitical tensions in some regions, speculation in the futures market and recent upward revisions in global demand. These factors were analyzed with a view toward finding a solution to the problem.

What we see is the political premium between $10 and $15 per barrel.

Our decision is in place, up until now we will still increase by 500,000 barrels a day from August. This decision is still valid.

Do what we can do to assure market stability.