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It was the most enjoyable match I've been associated with.

Betty Wroubel

The only one who can't bid on them is Cunningham or someone acting on his behalf or anyone associated with the investigation.

Britney Sheehan

Basically, costs associated with labor and manufacturing have caught up to us.

Patrick Rainey

The problem is serious as trafficking of girls is also associated with this problem.

Girija Vyas

There is a cost associated with DRM, and that is lost sales of content.

Dave Goldberg

The Associated Press pulled their poll out of the BCS for a reason.

Lee Snyder

All factors associated with tepid internet use.

John Horrigan

We are happy to be associated with this game.

Cedric Jones

I have a lot of loyalty and pride associated with this University.

Jill Sterkel

Construction is booming and anything associated with it is also booming.

John Lovelace

Our residents did not ask for gaming, and they should not have to shoulder the costs associated with it.

Robert Coleman

It's used in areas more associated with comfort.

Randy Hall

There's no profit associated with it (for the company).

Michael Yackira

Denied any guilt associated with these crimes.

David Castro

It's good to be associated with this kind of action, this kind of heroism.

John Douglass

We are not charging for them but there are costs associated with them.

Bereket Selassie

They're spinning the story to not be associated with the genocide that is clearly occurring.

Sarah Reed

The women were older, ... They had a lot more associated diseases.

Nanette Wenger

We are delighted to be associated with this new sporting venture.

Paul Yates

There's a halo effect associated with hybrid vehicles.

Mark Bunger

ADHD is associated with a significant increase of accidents and of substance abuse in adolescents when it's not treated.

David Fassler

The cost associated with this is kind of secondary at the moment.

Chris Drummond

We believe it's associated with learning and memory consolidation.

Dr. Manisha Witmans

Not every Wiegand stream has a bit or a stream that can be associated with that kind of application.

Peter Boriskin

It's associated with laziness. People sit around for hours chewing.

Omar Jamal

They're all directly associated with his positions as a member and speaker of the Assembly.

Eileen Larrabee