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The army is assisting the police and a curfew has been imposed.

Haz Iwendi

If it is a call from the AU we would assist.

Jeff Ramsay

If I've won this (assist title), that would be great but our team achievement was more important.

Billy Hague

Right now, we are focused on assisting our customers and employees in those areas.

Jean Medina

We'll do whatever we can do to assist.

John Erwin

What a weekend, five goals and an assist.

Jeff Guinn

Our duty was to assist anyone in need.

John Rhodes

We will do whatever is possible to assist you in this crisis.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We're not there to help hunters. We can educate them, but assisting them is out of the question.

Stephany Seay

All of his desires to assist in the criminal case are absolutely irrelevant.

Peter Ezzell

I will be assisting Pakistan for only two weeks before their England tour.

Jonty Rhodes

The vast majority of those we are assisting do not abuse this gift of the American people.

Melissa George

For Indian cricket, I am always ready to assist in whatever way I can.

Sunil Gavaskar

It's a great privilege for us to have this group come and assist us.

James Richardson

We do want you to assist them, but don't run over anybody else's child.

Sandra Jones

Our part is to assist.

Ben Yates

They have been very patient with us. And we are very honored and pleased to be able to assist them.

Nancy Edwards

You cannot see the 'Corridor of Shame' and not see there's an opportunity there for us to assist.

Patricia Graham

I found myself not jumping in (to assist) as often if someone did not have that (corrections) background.

Ron Blair

He knew I was not willing to assist him.

Peter Carlisle

We'll go out and assist them when we're called for assistance. But it's not our practice to address problems if we're not asked.

David Tillinghast

I could go as far as say (Burrell) is using his influence not to assist the federation so far.

Crenston Boxhill

If we are in a position to assist Santiago Alvarez in some way, we will do so.

Eduardo Soto