It's going to be a pretty intense environment down there. I'm sure they are going to have a much bigger following than we're used to, they probably get a lot more fans and it's going to be a night game. So the atmosphere will probably be good and we just have to make sure that were not overwhelmed by that.

I think they'll never know an exact number.

When you have a massively prescribed and consumed drug like Vioxx, and if something goes wrong, you have a lot of potential for (liability) exposure. Vioxx has that kind of profile. Whether or not each and every drug will have that profile, it's hard to say.

Our duty was to assist anyone in need.

I do think (stock) prices are rebounding and I do think it will be a long-term solid investment choice for investors. I think the regulatory environment around pricing will evolve, but it will be a solid industry because it has to be.

It's hard to explain what's down there.

We detained two suspects and are collecting more information concerning others responsible for the attack, ... Both Capt. Miller and Maj. Fester were outstanding soldiers. They dedicated their life to help others have a better life.

We have to come out fast, right away, and score early. We have to sort of get them to put their heads down and think that they're going to lose the game, and continue with our winning momentum.

It looked like there were two storms, ... Nature's storm and a people storm that hit New Orleans.