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Good will is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.

Marshall Field

We've got a couple in the 230-240 range, but most of them are in the 210-220 range. Quickness is their biggest asset.

James Bell

Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.

Ludwig Borne

She's a versatile player, a key asset.

George Tullier

P&O is a strategic asset in terms of the ports in the Far East.

Chris Murphy

Dawn is an incredible asset to Sam. I have watched her for years.

John Cohen

The airport is a tremendous asset to the community.

David Gaines

Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset, because it is the rarest.

Jef I. Richards

What we get is diversification for Boston Scientific and growth, and we get that through CRM. Clearly, CRM is the key asset here.

Paul Laviolette

I think she'd be an asset to a lot of great teams out there.

Jen Mckeefrey

You can only do so much in asset-backed before you're hurting your profitability.

David Hendler

Time is our most precious asset, we should invest it wisely.

Michael Levy

I hope somebody who cares does something. This is an asset to the city.

Brad Baker

Our greatest asset is land.

David Kirsch

The managers appear to be recommending a heavily Canadian approach to asset allocation.

Tim Hicks

Time is the most valuable asset an individual has anymore.

Jerry Peters

He's a tremendous asset for McCain.

Richard Quinn

We think it is a fair price for what we see as an attractive asset.

Stephen Allen

The fans are a great asset, but they don't play a down.

Darryl Tapp

We have never looked at exiting that asset. I want to be perfectly clear on that.

John Emery

I'm up to $12,000 a day. And that's without any input from the asset allocation plan.

Brad Duke

Diversification is not just about investing across asset allocation but across tax-advantaged investments.

Joel Bruckenstein

It's an asset in place that's a well?kept secret.

Lowell Junkins

That's not an asset the state can see.

Frank Armstrong

Defense is, for some reason, always an asset here.

Janet Dickey

Paul is a very astute man and he's a great asset to us.

Seamus Mcenaney

The NFL is a strong sport and a strong marketing asset these days.

Tony Ponturo

I don't think he'd be a great asset. It wouldn't help the situation.

Peter Mirijanian

He's powerful with the ball and that will be a big asset and he will also bring a lot of experience.

Tony Rea

It's a good choice. He will be an asset to the board. I know him very well.

Herb Behnke

He is such an asset to our delegation. He is the go-to person for all of these issues.

Rep. Anne Gannon

A women's greatest asset is her beauty.

Alex Comfort

I think she'll be a huge asset at Alexander.

Superintendent Lea Barrett

I believe [Oracle] bought a heck of an asset here.

George Shaheen

He adds so much value to the team. He is definitely an asset.

Omar Khan

It's going to be a great asset for us.

Jeff Themm

You have a very valuable asset here to deal with.

William Rutherford

We believe it's a tremendous asset with tremendous upside.

Bobby Turner

I have seen enough to suggest he could be an asset to the team.

Simon Grayson

It's a good asset to have sometimes. Sometimes quickness outlasts the height.

Janette Mccarroll

Chief Gill is definitely an asset to us.

Kevin Duckworth

When you have a gold asset, and you look at any transaction, you always look at the gold price.

Jochen Tilk

Here is an asset that investors have very much given up on.

Richard Greenfield

This would be a terrible asset to give up as far as open space.

David Meyer

It's a core asset in a strong location.

Kent Merselis

I hope I'll be a good asset.

Marianne Sahlstrom

Anyone who has the presence he has will be a huge asset to our team and our league.

Ronny Thompson

He's got himself an extremely tainted asset - this is by no means over.

Oliver Houston

Nobody is against development, ... but let it be appropriate, let it fit in with the character of the area, and let it be an asset, not a detriment.

Tony Avella

We are lucky to have them. They are a tremendous asset to the skating community.

Donna Logan

Our people are our biggest asset.

Tim Roewe