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There needs to be a better assessment of what the vulnerabilities are and what constitutes vulnerability.

William Ramsay

We go to them to make an assessment.

Toni Mcgovern

We were able to make an assessment that we did not have to make any changes and our observers stayed.

Mathias Eick

Our assessment of the worm damage is 'not serious'.

Roy Ko

Jackson County appears to have the largest assessment at this point.

Anna Richter Taylor

We agree with the government's assessment.

Tom White

I'm not surprised affordable housing popped up as a priority (in the assessment).

Mike Stanfield

I guess each team has its own assessment.

Ben Obomanu

This is their assessment, which we think is fair enough.

Ahmed Khan

What we've been subjected to is the assessment law of the month, and it really is troubling.

Robert Strauss

I think there's enough local talent out there for us to make an assessment.

Ratu Timoci Tavanavanua

We continue to be on red alert We are still awaiting the assessment of our commanders.

Captain Ramon Zagala

The point of it isn't a system's assessment, but a student assessment.

Joe Stangler

When I got the assessment, I went into total meltdown.

Janet Johnson

There is no timetable for completion of our assessment.

Mike Cohill

[To say] it's remarkable is really not even a fair assessment.

Phil Mickelson

There will be innumerable township roads that we can't make an assessment on.

Becky Ault

At this point I think that's probably a fair assessment.

Bill Daly

When we did that environmental assessment, there was no train traffic and that has changed.

Dave James

There is no way to be able to prove that. We haven't found an assessment that will do that.

Steve Wiseman

This assessment forces everyone to contribute equally. This forces everyone to participate.

Ronald Mariano