Consultation with various members of the delegation and the White House.

It looks like Groundhog Day again, the movie.

What we've been subjected to is the assessment law of the month, and it really is troubling.

It's not like putting up a new office building, ... It's not a clear public purpose.

Born In 1983.

At the other end of this, who's going to be taking as serious any commitments that are made? The reality is nobody is going to sign up for anything that will serve the public's interest until afterwards.

My reading [of the legislation] suggests that it doesn't tiptoe, it rushes headlong into substantive areas of assessment law that the county is precluded from doing by the law that set up the whole charter process.

What we saw Tuesday night is nothing to be proud of -- it was embarrassing. Nobody talked about the numbers, ... County council was being asked to vote on something they didn't understand the words about, let alone the empirical effects.

I think that we just have to educate people, and it's amazing to me that every patient that I see that has had this screening test ... has said, 'Gee, if I just would have realized how easy it is, I would have done it years ago,'.