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One nil to the Arsenal.

Sol Campbell

When I used to play for Arsenal, we always got a good result here, a few 4-1s and a 6-1.

Ray Parlour

It?s something else in their arsenal.

Craig Moffett

Every library is an arsenal.

Robert Green Ingersoll

I'd love to be captain of Arsenal one day.

Ashley Cole

We think we've got the quality to match Chelsea and Arsenal.

Ryan Giggs

We threw everything we had at him. We tried everything in our arsenal. Nothing worked.

Brock Spack

Nothing Arsenal said last summer interested me.

Julio Baptista

I've never stopped believing that one day I will be part of things at Arsenal.

Jermaine Pennant

We're very disappointed that Arsenal chose to pursue this course of action.

Bruce Buck

It is an arms race, another tool in the arsenal.

Amir Orad

Bring on Arsenal, that's what I say.

Jermaine Jenas