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There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science.

Louis Pasteur

If you can do it in silicon, you can start to think about consumer applications.

Brian Gaucher

These devices are everywhere, but the devices are nothing without the applications.

Christina Condos

But they are sure to come up with some interesting applications.

Jeffrey Mcmanus

Rather, we wanted to implement the applications in pieces.

Bob Berckman

It depends on how things go next Tuesday. There are a lot of applications from out of state.

Richard Appell

The device has many applications, in almost any industry you can think of.

Qian Wang

We're receiving applications, but we're not sending out ballots because we don't have them yet.

Pat King

As soon as the applications went out in August, the numbers went up.

Tracy Helin

We look for the students with the best applications, not where they are from.

Debbie Millan

They are just so nervous that they won't get in anywhere that they just keep coming in with applications.

Stephanie Lapasota

There is a lot of developer and consumer interest around these applications.

Joe Wilcox

We didn't want to go in with a big bang theory and replace all the applications.

Bob Berckman

IBM creates the framework for the developers to write the applications.

Igor Jablokov

Diversity has more to do than with what you write on job applications.

Chad Miller

There are no live applications for the Granite Fox project anywhere.

Chris Ralph

We only accept 40 percent of applications (for pre-release slots).

Mike Thatcher

Terminating all correspondence and communication regarding all applications.

John Macphee

There will be different cameras for different applications to do different things.

Brian Andre

Most of them say they don't have credit cards, but admit they are getting the applications in the mail regularly.

Jeff Ralph

We send a lot of variance applications to the state. More often than not, they get approved.

Geordie Smith

We had 15 applications for the position from north and south of the border.

Alan Williams

The challenge is that there are no applications to date to take advantage of that information.

John Fontanella

Once that can be achieved we will have a great deal more opportunity for applications.

Anil Raj

Microsoft is excited that it will be providing Mac OS X-compatible applications.

Kevin Browne

We decided to build widget accessibility into our web-based applications.

George Morris

Certainly, we want their applications. It's not over yet.

Janice Finney

We went from having 300 applications a month to averaging about 1,500.

Geordie Smith

We're taking desktop applications to a whole new level.

Brian Kalinowski

You can grow this online without any disruption to your applications.

Dave Donatelli

The idea of fiddling with Microsoft applications will evaporate.

Paul Saffo

Ajax cannot do everything. Web applications have a way to go.

Bret Taylor

At some point, you have to stop merging applications and rewrite them.

Morris Cohen

It was designed to handle 20,000 to 25,000 applications a day. In one day it handled 110,000 applications.

Barry West

The commission does not look at applications in isolation.

Bryan Lee

What matters are the applications.

Alan Cox

Hers was one of the first applications we accepted.

Mark Aitken

We saw quite a bit of interest and we had quite a few applications for this trip.

Carlos Gutierrez

In general, our work is for energy and environmental applications.

Junhang Dong

There are not too many ready-to-use Java applications on the market.

Joseph Feiman

We're overburdened, as developers, adding features to applications.

Eric Rudder