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The wise man avoids evil by anticipating it.

Publilius Syrus

Everyone is anticipating the growth and attraction of this market.

David Joyce

It was a little bit more than we were anticipating, obviously.

Howard Waldron

We're anticipating a large crowd there.

Jose Montoya

I would not be anticipating to start construction before next fall.

Scott Welsh

We've been well anticipating this program to get off the ground for some time.

Stanley Smith

We're anticipating that they will be ready to go next week.

John Mattos

We're anticipating that the renewal of South Bethlehem will be huge.

Frank Slutsky

We're anticipating margins will go up in the next couple of years.

Jane Coffey

We're anticipating it with great enthusiasm. But it's one of those things we're going to have to be patient about.

Lynne Douglas

We're anticipating Gilbert will be out for another seven to 10 days.

Ray Flaherty

The market is anticipating a slowing economy.

Alan De Rose

OLN is anticipating, as are we, subscriber growth.

Gary Bettman

We've been anticipating this cut off and we have been testing R5.

Michelle Monaghan

It's important to have a new freshness. To have scenarios that no one is anticipating and no one can control.

Christian Prudhomme

I don't think we're anticipating any changes in physical presence.

Glen Mathison

We've seen no disruptions. We are anticipating a normal work day.

Peter Rose

Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others.

John Maynard Keynes

Both are possible. I'm not anticipating the outcome of that visit.

Mark Elgart

It's a big deal. People have been anticipating this for a while.

Joseph Shatz

We've collected evidence. We're anticipating having to defend it.

Hunter Hillenmeyer

We are anticipating that market to really heat up a lot more in 2007.

Ellen Daley