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Bigger than Andrew by a reasonable amount.

Robert Davis

She looks at him (Andrew) with such love in her eyes.

April Godra

Andrew wants something a bit smaller and quieter, a little more low key.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

If Andrew gets hurt, that doesn't happen.

Alex Brannan

Andrew is our most technically sound wrestler.

Jason Rostorfer

Where we are today is about where we were two weeks after Andrew.

Toni Jennings

Hurricane Andrew was kind of a wake-up call.

Loretta Worters

You did it for Andrew!

Courtney Vincent

Andrew really carried us there in the fourth quarter.

Bill Fryczynski

We couldn't beat Andrew for a long time.

Doug Sutor

Andrew Peacock brings years of accomplishment to Boeing.

Phil Condit

He's the Andrew Carnegie of today.

Steve Leahy

Andrew had been writing forever and I'd been writing forever, too.

Garry Beers

I'm here to support what Andrew wants to do.

Gerry Hunsicker

Hurricane Andrew hit and everything changed.

Mark Baker

I was really surprised with Will (Brown) and Andrew (Shaw).

Rebecca Davis

Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story.

Andrew Wood

I feel bad for Andrew. He wanted to be there with (Kyle and Luke), and he should be there with them.

Mike Pratt

We heard after Andrew - .

Walter Peacock

Andrew Hoffman was huge for us.

Chad Englehart

Andrew has played so well over the last two weeks.

Joe Balogh

Andrew Altman full employment act.

Andrew Altman

I feel a bit for Andrew Symonds, but I feel honored to win. I had counted myself out of it.

Mike Hussey