Bigger than Andrew by a reasonable amount.

We needed a game like this. We'll see the game film and see what we have to work on. We're going to be working on Labor Day.

The chairmen were very impressed.

They were trying to cope not only with losing a leader and a friend, but they had also witnessed his death in a rather horrific way.

There's anxiety, battle fatigue, lack of sleep and they're miles from home. Any of those is difficult, but all of them together is bad.

It gives summertime back for the kids. I love camp, but I am going to be losing that because you can't go when school starts, and school will have started by that time. Coaches don't like (missing camp), but the trade-off is not worth it.

The London Memorial Garden was a beautiful green spot where residents and visitors could quietly contemplate the terrible tragedies and pay tribute to the dead and injured.

We're going to court more.

Ralph is going to be neutral, no matter what. I doubt I would play at the Bibb County Sports Complex. Now I don't know, it might change.