Boeing is advancing on several of the most important programs in its history, and I offered my resignation as a way to put the distractions and controversies of the past year behind us, and to place the focus on our performance.

This agreement is part of our efforts to resolve outstanding matters from the companies that now comprise Boeing. We want to ensure that the new Boeing promotes inclusion and diversity and that all of our employees are treated fairly and respectfully in the workplace.

Andrew Peacock brings years of accomplishment to Boeing.

We have experienced unsatisfactory financial performance with our commercial airplane operations, ... Our expectations are that commercial airplane operations produce significant, double-digit operating margins.

This is an historic moment in aviation and aerospace.

His familiarity with Australian business and government protocols, as well as the American business environment, will enhance our relationships and presence in Australia.

And then you go to the main systems integrator -- us -- and you say, 'go figure out how to do this.'

We concluded there must be significant changes in the composition of the management team at this time.